Saturday, March 17

Weekly Menu Plan

Every week, I have the intention of making a menu plan not only so that I can grocery shop ahead of time, but so when I get home exhausted from work, I have a list to go to of what I'm making that day!

Well, today, I was feeling kind of cruddy (another cold) so I laid in bed looking at recipes on Pinterest. Somehow, this gave me the motivation I needed to create my list! Here are the recipes for this week with links included in case you're interested in making them!

Saturday- In honor of St. Patty's day, I am making Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup via Skinny Taste. Actually I'm kind of combining two of her recipes. I'm making the cabbage soup, but in a crock pot. I'll definitely let you know how it turns out!
Sunday- Lunch = leftovers, Dinner at Evan's parents! So grateful for Evan's mom who cooks for us every week.

Monday- I'm making Cafe Rio Pork. I found several different recipes for this. Here is the one I found that requires Dr. Pepper. I am not into soda, so I'm going to stick with the non-Dr. Pepper recipe, but probably add salsa like the Dr. Pepper recipes suggests. I hope it turns out as good as the real thing! I love Cafe Rio!

Tuesday- Crockpot Potato Leek Soup is on the bill. I googled "leeks" because I'll have some leftover from the corned beef and found this recipe from this blog I follow. I can easily through all of this in a crock pot... and the best thing is, I have all the ingredients already! I'm planning on making homemade whole wheat biscuits to go along with the soup.

Wednesday- Slow cooker Bajio chicken... LOVE Bajio and this recipe looks so simple using ingredients I already have. I love using my crockpot to cook dinner while I'm at school. It honestly makes my life so much simpler when dinner is already done for me!

Thursday- Cafe Rio Slow Cooker Chicken... I know this seems to be the week of Cafe Rio, but this chicken looked so simple, I wanted to try it out. Plus, once again, I already have all of the ingredients in the recipe. Might as well use the ingredients I have!

Friday- Crockpot chicken and dumplings... Boy, will Evan love this! He loves every time his mom makes chicken and dumplings. I've actually never made them before, but this recipe seems super simple. I am planning on adding in carrots and celery to add some more color and flavor.

Excited about our meals this week! Do you have any favorite recipes or way that you menu plan? I've been realizing more and more recently that if I don't cook dinner (or make enough for leftovers), it means that I won't have a hearty lunch the next day. Being pregnant, not having a hearty lunch means I'm starving and easily get sick to my stomach while still trying to teach my students. NOT GOOD! I'm hoping this menu plan will help me to make dinner everyday so that I'm eating enough for me and the wee babe.

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